From sunny Sydney Australia, it’s with great pride I blog about a fellow down under Sileighty enthusiast. This Sileighty is the ultimate tribute to the original Kids Heart 500.


This Type X with genuine Aero parts, rolling on staggered Work emotion XD9s wheels, powered by a SR20DET ported engine with a GT3037 turbo, and haltech engine management.


Custom fuel management, BC cam gears, camshafts, springs & retainers, with braided lines all around. 5 stud conversion, bolt in half cage topped off with my personal favourite a honey comb RPS13 garnish and fitment to put a smile on any car enthusiasts face.


12 months into the build process Jeff describes this as a work in progress. I love how we all refer to ours cars as work in progress. The evolution of modifications is an additive learning curve that leaves us broke, and exhausted but smiling ear to ear.

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This followers Sileighty is a perfect example of a clean look that trully represents the owners personal style. Rolling the streets of Los Angeles with its custom  Watanabes rims, powered by a chipped KA24DE Engine.

Sporting a carbon fibre hood, N1 apexi Dual Exhaust+Header, and TEIN Height Adjustable Damper. The detailed list continues with Jap Spec accessories that make this a genuine example of a owner who loves their Sileighty.

I love the fact every Sileighty I come accross is different, it represents the owner and their personal vision of what a Sileighty should be.

You can see a million Skylines and Silvias, but what I love about Sileighty owners is they strive to be genuine, different, and they don’t really care what others think. Its not always about pleasing the crowds, its all about what makes you tick, its the power, the sound, the look that drives you toward your personal perfection.

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